Edit the Source property from an external form


I have an external form hooked up to Hubspot's API (the plugin is Freeform Pro, for Craft CMS). I'm able to assign form fields to properties, but the Source field is not an option, so all the Contacts created from this form show the source simply as "API".

Is it possible to change this, either on the form side (an additional, hidden field perhaps) or with logic on the Hubspot side (ie any Contacts with a certain property get their source changed to "Website Signup Form").

The site and form in question are here: https://loveyourjob.ca/


Hi @brycewkirk,

It's not possible to programmatically set or edit the Original Source property and its drill-downs, but if you're seeing contacts created with the change source "API," that means you're using the Contacts API rather than the Forms API.

Contacts created through the Contacts API will always show the Original Source "Offline Sources" and the change source "API" or "Integration," but you can leverage these bucketing rules if you instead create contacts through the Forms API.

To do so, you must include the hutk cookie token value in the request body. Per this article:

The hutk parameter is used to associate analytics data with your contacts. Without this, page views and the original source will not be populated.