Efficient way to search engagements


Hi All,

So what my team and I needs is to be able to search engagements using the ff criteria:

  1. owner of the engagement
  2. timestamp of the engagement

Since there is currently no way to get engagements by either owner or timestamp, how we are currently doing this is on every request, we get ALL engagements, then using a JSON parser library we search within all the engagements.

The problem we see with this is since there is a limit of 250 engagements at a time, if there are more than 250 then we would have to do the search process again. Say there are 1000 engagements, then we would have to do the search process 4 times. So for 10000... you get the point.

Is there any more efficient way via the API we can achieve what we aim to do? Thanks!


Hi @mc.cuna,

currently what you have described is the best way to achieve that. However I do understand the use case here. If you would like, I would encourage you to post this as an idea on our Ideas Forum https://community.hubspot.com/ here where this information would help our team prioritize feature updates.