Elucian Quercus and HubSpot Integration



I’ve been a HubSpot user for over 5 years, but I’m not that knowledgeable with the back-end integrations and features.

I’ve recently started a new position at an education and training organization that uses the Elucian Quercus student management system (http://www.ellucian.com/emea-ap/Software/Quercus-by-Ellucian/). Right now both systems have no interaction with each other and any data that we wish to retrieve from the Quercus system must be exported via .csv and uploaded into HubSpot (Email, First Name, Company Name, user created contact fields, etc.) I’ve inquired about a possible integration between Quercus and HubSpot via API and this is the response I received:

"QML (Quercus Message Link) can be used to integrate with any third party system which can consume XML messages.

The message type that might be suitable for your marketing use case is the PERSON_BIO_OUT message.

See “B1 – Biographic data (out)” section of the following documentation; http://docs.campusit.net/publications/quercus-message-link-developer’s-guide/reference-–-messages "

I’m not entirely sure what this means or how I can use it.

Would anyone be able to clarify if HubSpot can “consume XML messages” and whether or not there’s potential for these systems to talk to each other?

Thank you.


@shearn HubSpot “consumes” JSON and not XML. An integration can still happen but you will need to reshape the data to be JSON formatted from XML.


Thanks @pmanca

Would you have any recommendations as to how we would do this at an automated level? It appears there are several converters out there, but it still seems like it would be a manual process that wouldn’t be much more beneficial over just exporting and importing data as we are currently doing.


@shearn Once you figure out the algorithm for a specific translation from one API to another you can just wrap in a function so you can call it over and over again in an automated way. Hopefully some of those translations will be very similar and you might be able to have 1 function run more then one translation for you.