"Email address could not be found" when using API "Update email subscription status for an email address"


Hello all,

This is my first post so please bear with me! Our organization began using Hubspot 2 months ago so we are new to Hubspot's APIs. We operate a web site that is run on Drupal content management system. We are trying to create a opt out/in email subscription page on our own site for people who are not clicking through from a Hubspot generated email.

We have an issue where some emails are being found successfully, while other email addresses are not. I have the Hubspot Contact open in another tab, I am confident the contact's email does in fact exist. I can click on Hubspot's own Unsub page for this same contact. Part of my testing is I created a brand new contact's email, changed it's status to Subscriber, then use the custom usnub page we built the API on and it tells me an error of "Email address could not be found".

Our Drupal developer built the web page and use of this API is successful for some emails (including 2 of my own emails). He is an advanced drupal developer so I do not suspect it is his code acting up. It feels like Hubspot is being a problem with some emails and I dont know why.

Here is the web page our developer built w the API on: https://westerncentralny.aaa.com/form/hubspot-subscribe-unsubscribe?zip=14221

Here is an email that does not work that I just set up as a new Contact yesterday in Hubspot so you can see the error produce:

Thanks all for any questions and feedback, I appreciate your time here.



Hi @jsorden,

I'm not actually able to see what API calls that page is making to HubSpot, since actual requests to the HubSpot API occur on the back end. Are you seeing the 'Email address could not be found' when entering the email into the initial search bar (I'm unable to reproduce that with the email address you provided)? If that's the case, then that's an error that your developer is showing in response to some criteria. I'd need some more information on what's happening on the back end when an email address isn't found. Do you have any info on whether or not you're getting errors from the HubSpot API?


Hello Derek,

Thanks so much for your reply! The 'Email address could not be found' error that we experienced was from the HubSpot API. However, the same day that you messaged back on here I re-tested and noticed that the example email, along with every other email that was previously showing that error message, is now being accepted. It seems to be working consistently. Our developer hadn't touched the code so I am perplexed why all of the sudden they started working :confused: I guess I will take it and run with it.

Thanks again!



Hi @jsorden,

Very strange; happy to hear things are up and running again, though! Let me know if you run into any other issues going forward.


Thanks so much Derek.