Email address updates



Using the Contacts Batch endpoint, can we update the email address if we send the vid?

This article seems to indicate an email address can’t be updated:

Users are unique by email address, so it is not currently possible to edit an existing user’s email address. A new user must be added to your account to change an email address.

Is that true for the API too?

We are updating our over 20k HubSpot contacts with information from our corporate database and I am trying to figure out how to handle the event that a customer changes their email.


@matt that help article is for HubSpot users, meaning users that can log into HubSpot.

Contact records can have their email changed. If you’re using the batch endpoint, you can use the vid to identify the record and update the email address, as you mentioned.


@dadams Thanks! That should work perfectly.


I built a process to udpate all of our contacts using the vid. In my test, I sent 18,000 updated email addresses with the prefix test_sync_201601215_ added to each email address.
The change was shown on the contact but the timeline did not show the change. Why is the timeline not showing the change?
I then sent the update again to change all the emails back original format. Again, the email address was changed and reflected on the contact, but no history/ timeline evidence of the change.

I used the contact/batch/ endpont and sent 100 at a time.

Please advise.


Nevermind – my issue was duplicate email addresses in the result set I was using to post.
If duplicates existed in my query, 1 was already on Hubspot, the other was not. When I did the batch update test, the duplicate got posted as a unique email address and happened to be at the top of the list that I viewed.

All appears to work well with the timeline when I view all my non-dupe records.