Email Domains to Block Domain Removal


Howdy, I'm the postmaster here at Indeed. In researching an issue I found the following articles indicating that the domain indeedemail(dot)com is included as a free email service provider in the default block list for HubSpot. The domain indeedemail(dot)com is not a free email domain. This domain is used to mediate messages between Companies and Individuals that post resumes on our site.

Please remove the listing of from the blocklist included with HubSpot. It would be appreciated by our mutual clients.


Hi @TJ_Spinks,

The 'Email domains to block' feature is intended to block visitors from submitting forms using email addresses that aren't their business email addresses. addresses aren't actual business emails, and don't reflect the visitor's actual company email. This feature doesn't prevent imports/manual creations of these contacts, and if the feature is disabled for a form submissions will work as expected. The domain also isn't excluded from email sending, user accounts, or any other HubSpot functionality.


Unfortunately inclusion on the list appears to have encouraged other folks to have added it to block lists considering it as a free email service provider.

Have you any data indicating how often the domain is being used in those instances?

I note that is not listed though it has the same mediated conversation model.


Hi @TJ_Spinks,

It's likely that the craigslist email aliases haven't appeared in our reporting, which is why they haven't been blocked. Craigslist aliases aren't intentionally whitelisted. The list of free email providers we keep isn't intended to act as a block list; it's only intended to represent a collection of domains that are known to reflect a service, rather than an actual business email. Do you have any examples of blocklist providers that are basing their lists on the HubSpot 'Email domains to block' list?