Email Engagements Created via API Show Incorrectly in HubSpot UI


Emails created via the Engagements API present in the HubSpot Timeline against Contacts with the following issue:

If my account (OAuth2) is used create the email via the API then when I log into the HubSpot and look at the timeline the created email title/first line always says “You sent {Subject will be here}”. It says this even if, when I called the API, the ‘from’ email is not my email address. It should say “{Some Contact Name or email address} sent {Subject will be here}”.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? Below is an example API request:
“associations”: {
“contactIds”: [1467],
“dealIds”: [],
“companyIds”: []
“engagement”: {
“timestamp”: 1500605784832,
“active”: true,
“ownerId”: 30285643,
“type”: “EMAIL”
“attachments”: [],
“metadata”: {
“from”: {
“email”: "",
“firstName”: “Scot”,
“lastName”: “Brroke”
“to”: [{
“email”: “Tim <>”
“html”: “

My Email

“subject”: “My Subject”

Thanks a lot.