Email event API: appName = Workflow or AbBatch don't have time dimension


Not all emails metrics pulled by below URL have the dates when the emails sent out:

Based on my finding, looks like only the emails with appName equal to 'workflow' and 'ABbatch' don't have time dimension.

On the contrary, The other 2 types of appName('batch' and 'localtimebatch') have time dimenision, which is called "lastProcessingFinishedAt".

So my question is how can i get all the dates for all emails.

--- one more questions
For the dashboard created by hubspot Web UI, in the email performance dashboard(the template one), does it capture all the emails sent with all the app type(workflow, batch, localtimebatch and abbatch)?


thank you!!!


Hey @kai_wei_tivity, thanks for posting - happy to help out here. Batch emails are the only emails that will return a timestamp, whereas AB emails and workflow (automated) emails are sent more than once, and do not return a timestamp. Do you have a specific use-case for the timestamp field? Happy to pass along internally.

The email performance report should include all email types.


Hi Connor,

Thanks for your information.

Based on your information, since AB emails and workflow emails won't return a time stamp by API call, How can I match my data pull from API call with the performance report on the monthly level?

For example, I want to see the number of email sent within Sep-2018, so I pull out this information API for all emails types, but since AB emails do not have time stamps returned by API, this data is not gonna match with the email performance report. Is there a way to solve this issues?

Thanks again


Hi @kai_wei_tivity, you can match them with the IDs returned back here:, but you wouldn't be able to match via timestamp. Currently, the data returned from that endpoint can't be compared over a specific time period. There's definitely improvements to be made with that endpoint, so if you're inclined, I'd post your idea in our ideas forum/


Thanks! It will be great if this improvement can be done in the nearest future.