Email Events API consistent timeout


Hi There,

I’ve been trying to track down why I’ve been getting a 504 timeout from a few requests from email/public/v1/events, and have narrowed things down to a specific return. While other API requests to the same API (with the same token) is working just fine, when I hit a specific event it seems to consistently timeout.

I’ve pasted the relevant API calls (with API tokens removed)

This request returns events OK:{omitted}&offset=Ch8KFgj2waGjxaismoABEOHkyPaBuPX0ggEYoLuAtOUq

But when increasing the limit to 32:{omitted}&offset=Ch8KFgj2waGjxaismoABEOHkyPaBuPX0ggEYoLuAtOUq

it causes a timeout. Additionally, when getting the offset from request #1, and getting just a limit of 1 (the next record):{omitted}&offset=Ch8KFgjO6_uzivac6K0BENCGkb3upvSMmQEYnun9s-Uq

also fails (hence why I’m thinking a specific entry is causing an issue).

Any way to take a look at what might be causing this?


Hi @alawton, can you message me directly with the Hub ID you’re seeing this with?


Sent a message: thanks!