Email Events API Internal Error


I keep getting an ‘internal error’ for API calls that have worked for months now in an automated workflow. Any idea what could be causing this? The variables in the endpoint are dynamically created and don’t fail until hitting the Email Events API.

Here is the endpoint (key removed):{apikey}&campaignId=29398013&appId=113&limit=1000

It returns the following error:

message: internal error
correlationId: 9c966b37-3266-4135-abfd-1993629139b8
requestId: c4b4c5c0-a006-482c-a2b7-e293380159cd

This is happening for the majority of the endpoints being called. Nothing has been updated or changed and has been working for months now. I can send Hub ID (and other example endpoints) if needed.



Even stranger…the endpoint above just worked while others still failed. In other words, whether or not the endpoint fails seems to be inconsistent which suggests it’s not the endpoint itself causing the error.



Hi @Bryan_Girkins

Can you send me your Hub ID so I can take a look at your data? I wasn’t seeing this looking at a few test portals. Also, if you do have other endpoints you saw this with can you send me an example or two as well?


It seems to have resolved itself as I received no errors over night. So I think I’m all clear!



@Bryan_Girkins glad to hear that is working again, but if you see those errors again please let us know.


Related, but slightly different. My API calls have increased in duration by a SIGNIFICANT amount. On 12/15, something happened with this API. Prior to my evening API call on 12/15, the average duration of all my API calls was 12 minutes and 49 seconds.

However, starting with my evening API call on 12/15, the average duration increased to 144 minutes!!! This is no longer an acceptable amount of time. I’m sure I can trim the query, but nothing changed and this is a drastic increase in API download duration.

Any idea what is going on?

Date API Download Time (minutes:seconds)
12/1/2016 11:41
12/2/2016 13:54
12/3/2016 11:30
12/4/2016 10:08
12/5/2016 12:29
12/6/2016 11:13
12/7/2016 16:15
12/8/2016 15:49
12/9/2016 17:07
12/10/2016 14:53
12/11/2016 13:46
12/12/2016 16:03
12/13/2016 18:43
12/14/2016 27:39:00
12/15/2016 17:00
12/16/2016 108
12/17/2016 85
12/18/2016 108
12/19/2016 209
12/20/2016 120
12/21/2016 148


@Bryan_Girkins do you have any more details for this? Are you seeing an increase in errors and needing to retry more requests? Or do the individual requests seem to be taking longer?


@dadams No errors anymore…just a massive increase in duration. The workflow makes 28 unique API calls for the 28 campaigns we want to download data on. Those 28 API calls took roughly 12 minutes before but are now taking over two hours. Nothing is different in the workflow. Same campaigns, etc.

If needed, I can provide the 28 API calls and our HubID. But the Excel file in the previous reply shows the massive time increase.


@Bryan_Girkins could you send me your Hub ID so I could take a look at this? Also, are you only making 28 total http requests, or pulling the event data for 28 email campaigns (normally each campaign would require more than 1 request to get all of the data)?


Yes, how should I send it?

Correct, it is an iterative download that will continue to download so long as there is an offset. So 28 individual campaign calls, but like you said, 90% of them iterate at least once. But this has been the case the whole time, so the iterations should not matter.


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Getting hit with the internal errors again. Just today. Hoping it resolves itself.