Email Events API with Sales



I want to be able to extract data on the emails which are being sent out by the sales team, most importantly whether the email was opened, clicked or bounced. I know it’s possible to do with Email Events API, but it’s only available for Marketing account, and we are using Sales.

I’m aware that certain information can be extracted from the Engagements API, but it doesn’t show the data I require (opened,clicked,bounced).

Could someone please clarify if it’s possible to get the data I need with the Sales account?

Thank you!

Is it, or is it not, possible to synch timeline events?

Did you figure this out? Is this possible?


Hi @edorahg/@balalabalala, The solution for this is to still use the Engagement's API to get an engagement, or to use a contact property like "Recent sales email [open, clicked, replied] date" with the Contacts API: