Email Events Bulk Dump


I am planning on integerating with the following api:
to fetch all the events for a specific app_id, with an optional campaign/startTime specified.

I noticed that this api is paginated with an offset, however i may be planning on loading all the records. Is there a bulk fetch api to load all the email events, or is the only way to loop over the offset will hasMore is true? One issue i can forsee is that events may be added as i loop over the offset, which could could cause me to miss data. This depends on if the offset param will consistently return the same records, or it would change if the underlying query has more or less events.

That was a lot of words so if it doesn't make sense the tldr is:

  1. Is there a api that has a bulk download of all events for the query
  2. If not is the offset idempotent, such that if i: A. load the api B. a new event is created C. load the api with the offset from (A). C should return the same records regardless of (B).

Email Events API not returning full list of events

Hi @derraballi,

Happy to clarify:

  1. At this time, there is no method to get all email events without looping.
  2. The offset is idempotent in that you can repeatedly query the same offset value again and it will return the same events, regardless if more recent events have occurred. That said, I've only tested this within a twenty minute window. Our documentation does state that the offset value "is not meant to be long-lived," so I'm not sure how long the value can be used.