Email ids in production and test systems


We have a system which uses the Single Send API to send email from a Ruby application via Hubspot. To send mail the API requires that we pass an "emailId", which corresponds to an email template that has been set up in Hubspot. That works fine for our production environment, but the test environment (set up as described here) does not have the same templates. Creating new ones there results in new emailId values though. This makes is very difficult to match up our Ruby applications test environment with a Hubspot test environment.

Is it possible to...

  1. synchronize the email templates from production to the test environment?
  2. change the emailId values in the test environment?

If those things cannot be done, what is the recommended approach for integrating applications with Hubspot for testing purposes as it pertains to email sending?


Hi @craig,

It's not currently possible to synchronize templates between test/production portals, and it's unfortunately not possible to change the IDs of emails in test portals either. This type of 'sandboxing' use case is something that the team is hoping to improve going forward; for the time being, I'd recommend reaching out on the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community to make this visible to the product team and other customers that may share your use case.


I see. Thank's for clarifying it for me.