Email link personalization token for tracking


Hi all, I have a client that is trying to use personalization tokens within a link of code that will trigger a workflow from their internal email system to log into their client portal once the link is clicked. The steps are we send an email through hubspot w/ the link, the user clicks the link, due to the tracking/email token within the link the client’s portal gets a notification for that said email address and grants it access w/ a username and password to log into the portal.

I have tried working this through tech support but there is something missing and im not sure where the breakdown is. Please see the link of code, then the adjusted version w/ email token. Then see what info the client is getting back, vs what is desired that he get back. Any insight into this would be helpful. THANKS!

Line of code to add personalization token too:

I then updated the link to replace customer@company w/ email token CONTACT.EMAIL

the client is seeing this:
Campaign: Metrics Email Clicked
UserEmail: customer@somecompany
Customer: name_of_the_customer
Campaign Date: Sept2017

when they should be seeing this:
Campaign: Metrics Email Clicked
UserEmail: tara@magnetudeconsulting
Customer: None
Campaign Date: 2017

If they dont get the email from that click then they cant grant access to the portal and the lead will see an error message.



You can’t include a personalization token in a link within the email tool. The breakdown is the order of compilation on the front end of the email. HubL gets compiled last after normal HTML and you would end up with a literal string of “CONTACT.EMAIL” in the link. At the moment the HubSpot email platform does not support having variables within links.