Email missing from contact record in webhook


We’re attempting to start a software trial based on an end-user filling out a form. We’ve built the form and setup a workflow that triggers the webhook. On our platform, we see the request come in fine. However the the email address in the submitted contact record is blank. If we later go back and look in hubspot at the contact record, it has the email the end-user entered on the form, so we know it is ultimately being collected. In the hubspot documentation examples, the email is in the contact record, nice and neat.

As an aside, it would be nice to get the other things the end-user entered in the form sent in the push notification, not just the contact record, but as far as our immediate problem is concerned, all we really need here is the email to come through properly. We’d use it for a lot more things if we could collect the form values via push notification though, and at a glance that didn’t seem possible with webhooks.


Hi @aleigh

Is the data you’re getting from the webhook missing the email property entirely? Or is the field present but set to be blank ""? If you look at the property history of the contact, is there anything to indicate that the email property was changed between the form submission and the webhook firing to your system?


Upon further reflection it was an engineering problem. A service component was truncating due to the size of the response. All’s well.