Email performance by workflow


Hello all! I would like to make a HubSpot API suggestion, and I’m not sure if this is the right place to do so but here it goes…

Would it be possible to incorporate a feature so that users can monitor email performance within an individual workflow or campaign, as opposed to a cumulative email performance?

I have several emails that are used in multiple workflows, and I would like to see how that same email performs in the different workflows. Currently the workflow performance dashboard will show email analytics in a graph form, but it requires the user to roll over each bar to see that corresponding email’s metrics. This workflow performance dashboard does not have a way to view that data in gridview or export the data so it can be analyzed within a spreadsheet. The email performance dashboard is good for viewing the total stats of that email, but is limited in the same way by not allowing the user to view a breakdown by workflow or email blast. (The email performance dashboard could also use an export feature for analytics and not just segmented recipients, but that’s another post entirely.)

I understand that I can clone the email for each campaign and achieve the desired results (which I have started doing), but for the sake of simplicity I’d prefer to not have to do that because it requires additional testing and naming conventions.

Thank you,


Thanks for the suggestion, JMann. It’s great to hear about the different use-cases people need to meet when using our APIs so we can build up capabilities that provide the most value to everyone.

We’ll be considering this use-case as we look at improving access to Email metrics.



Thank you Paul! Glad I can help give the HubSpot team an idea of how we use the product at our company.

It would be great if this could become a reality eventually. It does seem like it is in the realm of possibilities considering HubSpot already has the breakdown I’m looking for, just in the wrong reporting view. (Easier said than done though, I’m sure…)