Email size is to big


Hello, we here at Adria airways have a problem with sending out newsletters to gmail. Now we know that gmail cuts an email after the size of 102kb. The only way we can get it below 102kb is with compressing HubSpot default code. Now here is the problem to do that we must clone the email template to get to the code. But with that we lose the options to edit the template with GUI and all the drag and drop futures are removed.

Now my question is is there another way to optimize the email ?
Also I have no idea why the email gets to big the code we send out has about 1200 lines of HTML/CSS code which on paper comes in about 85kb with compressing we can get it down to 57kb(wich works for us). I’m interested to know where all the additional size comes form. Also we never had any problems with newsletter sizes using mailchimp containing roughly the same amount of content.

We need a solution we have 7 different languages and newsletters going out each week and compressing HubSpot’s code via clone takes too much time.


I’m in the same boat, Mitjanucic!

(FYI, in my Hubspot, all the modules are built with inline styles and is pretty robust cross-client.)

What I’ve tried is I’ve sent the test-email to a Google email address.
Since the message is clipped, I view entire message.

In the code are a LOT of extra characters added to EACH image and URL.

Similar EXTRA code added appears regardless of the email client (Gmail, Yahoo, and I’m sure likely others).

Perhaps that EXTRA-added code is important, for safety, security, anti-spam etc.

I have a few different modules in my email, I haven’t yet tried compressing the modules HTML code I have, to remove white spaces etc… Is it worthwhile to make a noticeable difference to the filesize? <----- I would only do this within EACH module’s HTML code, once it’s finalized.