Email statistics template api endpoint


Is there still an api endpoint like this? "cosemail/v1/emaildashboard"
It did return email template stats before. Or if there are any docs where can I find them?


@Wyatt_Benno which specific data would you be looking for? We don’t currently have (and haven’t previously had) a public API for getting templates stats.


@dadams it was returning these for emails template statistics.
Now it says we do not have the correct permissions with our keys. But that end point was working for a long time.



@dadams Any ideas? Thanks.


Any endpoints that aren’t listed on are considered internal endpoints, and they’re subject to change or to being removed at any point without notice. The specific endpoint you were using was not intended to be used outside of the HubSpot app, and it’s not something we currently have a public endpoint for.


@dadams That makes sense. Thank you!