Email template - padding, alignment,


We have a customized email template that continues to experience ongoing issues with functionality when cloning/editing new emails. For the drag and drop functionality, we're close to getting that figured out (testing in Hubspot beta). But for the other issues listed below, I'm being told by developers that these edits are not possible due to inline CSS. I'm trying to find a workaround to resolve these issues. Below is a recording of the issues we're experiencing so you can see visuals.


  1. Between modules/blocks of text, the amount of padding varies and we're not seeing any way to set a standard amount of space/padding between modules as they are added or removed. Different emails will have varying numbers of modules.

  2. When clickable images are embedded side by side (ie: 2 or 3 in a horizontal row), there are constantly issues with how much space shows between them and how they are aligned. They are not lining up properly, there doesn't seem to be a way to set a standard padding around/between them, and they are all over the place in different browsers or pc/tablet/mobile versions.

  3. We're looking for a way to show a different graphic in one or two areas on mobile than the graphic that is shown on desktop. Ie: text on graphic in mobile version is hard to read; hoping to swap out a mobile-only graphic.

Here is the recording

Responses from developer up to this point: 'All the items you stated above are not possible in the email template. These are possible in Page Template only. In email template we use only inline CSS. I have created the email template before according to this format: So Hubspot does not provide the ability to move the order of the blocks/modules within the email editor. And rest of this is not possible because of inline CSS.'