Email to PDF convert




I have a form in a webpage hosted in HubSpot and when the user filled and submit it. My workflow automation will send an email with the same layout of the form and with their answers. I have question regarding this,

Is it possible to generate a PDF file with their result(same layout of the email) and attached it in the same email that will send after the user submit the form?

I hope you can help me with this Asap.

Thank you!


Hi @ruanngabriel,

It's not possible to accomplish this within HubSpot alone.

The software isn't able to generate PDF files and populate them with contact information in this way. While you could retrieve the relevant contact property values through the Contacts API and pass them to a third-party application like this to create a PDF, you could not upload the file to the HubSpot file manager in a way that is accessible for an automated workflow email.

There are external solutions like PandaDoc and GetAccept that solve for similar use cases involving sales documents. Their integrations may be worth taking a look at.