Email Verification


I have the Re-Subscribe email option turned ON.

On a form with input field as email, I get the following message(as a link) when a user who has previously opted out enters his email address “Looks Like You’ve Opted Out Of Email Communication. Click Here To Get An Email And Opt Back In.”

On clicking the link, I receive the following message for a few seconds and it disappears.
“Please check your email to Opt back in”

How can I make the message “Please check your email to Opt back in” stick and not disappear after a few seconds.



Can you direct message me a link to the page/form that you’re seeing this behavior with? I’d like to do some testing.


Thanks for following up Derek, since this is under development, there is no live page.

The snippet starting from

below will be embedded in one of the html pages ( Edit Profile) …. Please change the email address ‘’ to an email address that is opted out.