Embed dynamic image in Transactional Email


Can someone guide to embed an Image/PDF within a transactional email using Single-Send API.


Congratulations on completing your training program.
Please see below your certificate. We encourage you to print and proudly display your achievement.

(Certificate Image Here)

If this is not possible, does Hubspot see this feature being implemented in near future ?
Note: Having it as an attachment will be an acceptable solution


Did you get an answer for this? I'm also trying to embed a dynamic image in a transactional email which is being pulled in via image URL.


Hi @camilladrake,

You can include custom properties when sending an email via the Single Send API, so you could do the following:

  1. Add an img tag to your email, and set the src attribute to a custom property (e.g. <img src="{{ custom.image_url }}">
  2. Include the image's url in your Single Send API request as a custom property (e.g.
"customProperties": [
    "name": "image_url", 
    "value": "https://www.example.url"

Show an image in a transactional email that's shared as a custom URL