Embed form submission shows Thank You for all forms on the page


We have a pages where the same form is used multiple times. To avoid conflicts, we have set the formInstanceId for each of them.

However, when user submits one of the forms, it changes the state for all of them instead of just the one that has been submitted.

Is this expected behaviour?


Hi @Daniel_Tlach,

I dug into this, and it doesn't appear to be working as designed. Let me take this to my team; I'll post any/all updates here in this thread.


@Derek_Gervais is there an update on this issue? I'm seeing the same problem. My form is built the following way:

$('#formModal').on('show.bs.modal', function (event) {
    // Note: id is an integer for the product in question.

        portalId: "123123123",
        formId: "123123123-123123123-123123",
        formInstanceId: id,
        target: '#modal-body',
        css: "",
        onFormReady: function ($form) {
            $('input[name="hidden_id_field"]', $form).val(id);

Submitting any form shows the thank you message but also shows the same thank you message on all forms. My understanding is having a unique formInstanceId should prevent this.


Hi @jmci,

I've been working with the Support rep you've been speaking with, so you might be hearing this for the second time. The forms team is rolling out a fix for this issue shortly; in the interim, you can execute the following right before the forms.create method to fix this issue:

document.getElementById('#modal-body').innerHTML = '';