Embed Form & WordPress ---> Appending URL with Submission Data


We have embedded, non-stylized form into Wordpress CMS.

The form is configured to redirect to a thank you URL:

When a visitor lands on the Thank You page, the URL is appended to look like:

When I look in Hubspot Feed in the contact record, this link comes up as a 404 page.


  • Is this /?submissionGuid=69170a18-c3f1-40a1-ab49-13b31928200f added in by Hubspot?
  • This is logging in unique URLs that are showing up in my 404 monitor? Should I be concerned?


Hi @marketing_koru,

Yes, the submissionGuid parameter is added by HubSpot and shouldn’t be cause for concern. Can you send me the link to a contact that you’re seeing a 404 when trying to navigate to the thank you page? You shouldn’t have trouble accessing the page from the contact timeline.


Thanks so much Derek for the reply.

I was able to access the page even though hubspot presented a 404 message in the feed.

The resolution was to turn off the Private Publishing status on the page and then to click nofollow / noindex.

Thanks so much again.