Embedded form code in iframe redirecting parent window after submission


Hi,We are using embedded forms on site inside popups with iframes. When I submit the form it redirects the parent window to display thank you message instead of reloading the iframe.

I am doing some modification to the elements of the form. But not sure what is causing that.

You can find the form on https://www.sourcesecurity.com/insights/offering-high-speed-airport-screening-system-co-15172-ga-sb.1527148660.html

After visiting a popup should open. If not you can click on "Download" button to see the popup.

Can you help ASAP?


Hi @sougata_bose,

Are you referring to the popup that appears after clicking the 'Download PDF Version' button? After submitting that form, the thank you message appeared within the iframe for me. Are you still running into this issue?



Currently it is working fine. But some time it is braking and sometimes it is working as expected.


Hi @sougata_bose,

That's strange... I'm not able to reproduce this myself. Are you seeing this intermittently in the same browser, or is there a discrepancy between browsers? Do you have anymore info on how best to reproduce this so that I can troubleshoot it more closely?


Hi Derek,

This is happening for all browsers.

This is currently working. We have raised a ticket regarding this issue. They also not able to fix this. But they have reproduce this issue.


Hi @sougata_bose,

I'm unable to reproduce this issue in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on a mac. Without being able to reproduce the issue, it's near impossible to troubleshoot what might be going wrong. Can you direct message me the ticket ID of the support ticket you filed regarding this issue? If they were able to reproduce this behavior I can touch base with them for more details.


Hi, has anyone resolved the form submission redirect to remain inside the iFrame OR at the very least, keeping the redirected URL in a new iFrame......basically find any way possible to keep a user from being redirected to a whole new parent window? Thanks so much for any help!
See screenshots of form in iframe before submission & what happens after submission:


Hi Derek,

The issue is happening again. Please follow the above mentioned link. I hope this time you will be able to reproduce the issue.


Hi @meretangiblee,

I tested out that same submission on that page, and the form displayed what appeared to be an inline thank you message. Is the current behavior of the form different now? Is there an example page where I can try and reproduce this?

@sougata_bose: When submitting the form on the link you provided at the very beginning of this thread, I'm not able to reproduce this. The iframe brings me to a thank you page, and the parent window remains on the original blog post page. Is this still occurring across all browsers for you?


So, another Hubspotter requested that I switch it to inline thank you message to test another functionality - but, I forgot to switch it back to a redirect.

I have updated the form and it is no longer an inline message. Please re-test (visit tangiblee.com/case-studies) & click on Download the Case Study under Rebecca Minkoff block...hopefully, you can reproduce the iframe issue and help me resolve the problem.



Hi; another "hubspotter support" requested that I turn the form back to Inline Messaging to test another functionality. However, after they tested it, I forgot to switch the form back to its redirect link. My apologies for that.

I have since updated the form & it should redirect. Hopefully, you will experience the issue & help me resolve it.

Thanks so much!


Hi Derek,

We have started to use custom forms and API for this process. That will not be possible to reproduce now.


Hi @meretangiblee,

It looks like I was able to reproduce this. Let me dig into this with the team and get back to you.


Hi @meretangiblee,

This should now be resolved; let me know if you see this issue going forward!


Hi again,
How did you do it?! Thank you so much!

Moving forward, is there anything I need to be doing in order to ensure I don't have this problem again when using an iframe + form/redirect?

Many thanks again!