Embedded Form is not submitting data anymore



5 days ago we implemented a custom landing page with an embedded form on it, it worked fine until yesterday. No data is fetched anymore by hubspot and emails are not coming through. Your support section asked me to contact hubspot developers. The prod. url is : http://go.usabilla.com/request-a-demo
Not sure what I can add to this post, can we get in touch to solve this issue?

Best, David


Also, if I check my console, it says: ’ Form submission canceled because the form is not connected’ . But the strange thing is, another contact just came through, so i’m a bit confused .


found the same issue here: seems to fix it


@David_Hildering Thanks for letting us know you got it working. We are currently working on making a smoother experience with Google Tag Manager.


Thats awesome @pmanca do you have any insight on when something like that will be in beta for me to test? This would solve many problems for our HubSpot clients.


@derekcavaliero I Don’t know, I really wish I had a ballpark timeline to give you as this seems to be coming up more often as of late.