Embedding elements from other websites into Hubspot?


I am trying to figure out if it's possible to have embeds in Hubspot served up by other websites.

For example we use Mode Analytics and we'd like to be able to embed product usage reports for each customer, on their individual Customer pages. Like this: https://help.modeanalytics.com/articles/embeds/

All it takes is inserting javascript or iframe code somewhere in Hubspot. It's just like embedding a YouTube video on a website. Is there a place in Hubspot where I can do this?


Hi @Adam_Stone,

Yes, it's possible to embed scripts and iframe elements on HubSpot CMS pages. From your description, it sounds like you'll want to do it on the page level as opposed to the account and template levels. Check out the Add code to the head or footer HTML of a specific page section of this article for reference.

If that doesn't solve for your use case, you can also embed scripts directly in the source code of Rich text and Custom HTML modules:


Thank you, Isaac. I'm still learning about Hubspot - "CMS pages" sound like help pages, webpages set up for website visitors. I'm talking more about Hubspot's internal pages - the Contacts page, for example.

User Story:
I'm a Sales account manager. I pull up the Contact page for, say, Isaac. Like this one. In there, there will be a text box for me to type in anything I want, and I can insert rich text/custom html (and therefore my embed code)?

If yes, is there a way for me to directly control the setup of the Contact page on a sitewide basis so I can apply this embed code on all individual Contact pages?


Hi @Isaac_Takushi - was wondering if you had seen my reply? Thanks, Adam


Hi @Adam_Stone,

Apologies, I hadn't seen your reply. It helps when you tag me in the post, so thank you for doing that.

I use "CMS pages" as an umbrella term that includes web pages, landing pages, and blog pages — any page you publish through HubSpot's content tools for your customers to see.

In-app pages like contact records cannot be modified with embed codes like CMS pages, but you can build out a CRM extension to include and give access to data in external systems.

The API allows you to create "cards" on the contact records to store the data you choose. While you are limited to text in the card itself, you can configure IFRAME actions to open iframes with your content when clicked.

Building out this custom functionality will require advanced coding knowledge or the assistance of a developer.


I think that is perfect and what I was looking for! Appreciate the help, @Isaac_Takushi!