Embeded inLine form not always appearing on iOS devices



Hi there,

We have an embedded form set with an inline message that redirects on form submission. For some reason the form doesn't always load on some iOS devices.

	portalId: '658892',
	formId: 'fc36c902-ae1b-4db3-a5f9-XXXXXXXXX',
	target: '.onboardemo-form',
	inlineMessage: 'Connecting you with our team',
	onFormSubmit: function($form){
		setTimeout( function() {
			var formData = $form.serializeArray();
			var fullName = formData[0].value + "%20" + formData[1].value;
			var email = formData[2].value;
			var phone = formData[3].value;
			var business = formData[4].value;
			//var url = document.URL;
			var forwardUrl = "name="+fullName+"&email="+email+"&phone="+phone+"&company="+business;
			window.location = "https://www.glofox.com/bookings/booking_confirmed?" + forwardUrl; 
		}, 250 ); // Redirects to url with query string data from form fields after 250 milliseconds.

We tested on iOS 11.4 on incognito mode and the form doesn't appear. What can we do to make sure it always appears?

Kind regards,



Hi @Glofox_Dev,

Just to make sure that we're on the same page, is the form failing to load at all, or is there something wrong with the submission? Is this on Safari incognito, or another browser like Chrome? Is this on an iPad, iPhone, or another device?