Empty widget JSON result for newly created pages until "Update" is clicked



I’m working on an integration project that allows content editors to import and update content from GatherContent to HubSpot.
I’m trying to create and publish page via Hubspot’s Page Publishing API and immediately update the content of the page.
As you can see from the sceenshot, the widget area is empty, but the page is published.

Only after clicking Update, the widget area is not empty.

I wonder why this happens and how I can publish my page via Page Publishing API and then get widgets from the page, so I don’t have to go to my landing pages->edit the page->update.

Thank you.


Hi @Arevik_Charchyan

If you’re creating or editing pages in the HubSpot app, the UI automatically populate the widgets data for the page, but if you’re creating the page through the API, it’s expected that the widgets get populated manually through the API as well. You’d need to look at the template to know which widgets could be included, otherwise the default data from the template would be used to build the page.