Encountering error when publishing on a specific template. FTP files and folders do not show


I'm encountering this error

"require_css(get_public_template_url("custom/page/Vast_Theme/vast-modules.css"))" is disabled in this context.

I have FTP'd into the portal, however now I seem to have a different issue where I can't see all of the files and folders in the FTP client and the FTP client is showing a folder or file that isn't in the Designer.


Hi @frankievx,

I'll try to address your questions separately:

  1. The get_public_template_url() function is no longer supported in the new modules framework. CSS should now be written into the module CSS in the code editor or linked via the Linked files section of the Inspector. Check out the following designer doc for more info (see below).
  2. The FTP file structure isn't an exact reflection of what you'll see in the design manager; that said, can you give me your hub ID and some info on what files/folders you're not seeing in HubSpot so that I can take a closer look?