Encrypted values in response


When i fetching a deal from hubspot, i got some weired values for dealstage and pipeline.
so for pipeline its ‘a5147fc7-ae56-4a1f-b50f-815f8c06fa9c’ instead of ‘default’.
for dealstage its ‘ee3c60e2-34b5-4718-911a-e461c9a4a9b0’ instead of ‘contractsent’.

please let me know whats wrong?


@pravin those look more like internal IDs then an encrypted value. Is this a custom pipeline?


yes it is. i found something, if i select default pipeline while creating a deal its returning properly
’dealstage’ => ‘contractsent’
‘pipeline’ => ‘default’

but when i select pipeline other than default its returning above.
i need dealstage value proper than these ids,
to insert data into my application i need to check dealstage== ‘contractsent’.


@pravin for custom pipelines you need to cross-reference the ids you get back with the pipeline.


Thanks for prompt reply, i can get pipeline with above, but what about dealstage?
how can get dealstage with ‘ee3c60e2-34b5-4718-911a-e461c9a4a9b0’?


@pravin I don’t think I fully understand your question? You need to grab the deal stage id and then compare it to the id stored in the get pipeline to figure out the english name of it.


Hi pmanca,
sorry for confusion. i will explain in detail
in my application i need to add data from deals which are in ‘contract sent’ stage
so i set a cron job for it
my code will get recently updated deals with

now i need to check dealstage if its contract sent and if it is then i need to insert deal data into my application.
so i need to check if dealstage is ‘contractsent’ which should be a english word without spaces because only then code can understand it.

if i fetch pipeline with pipeline id i still gets internal id for deal stage and not english variable ‘contract sent’ as shown in piepline api.

but with your response i get that this is internal id coming with deal stage value
so i modified code to match with ‘ee3c60e2-34b5-4718…’ hard coded value
it works for now.
i need to make assure that every time if deal stage is ‘contract sent’ it will generate same internal id??
please let me know.
if it generate new id each time them my code wont work
hope you understand what i mean


It will always be the same internal ID, However the get a deal pipeline endpoint should return both the stageID and the stage name in english so you don’t have to hardcode it in. You can use that to check the english name.



I think I have a similar problem. Usually when I pull from GET https://api.hubapi.com/deals/v1/deal/ I’ll get a value like verified_sql, or customer_applying, but once in a while I get this UUID instead. Why is that it sometimes returns the stage id I’m assuming vs other times dealstage.value is the plain english stage name and how can I get the stage name when given the UUID?

“dealstage”: {
“value”: “53bc29fe-6335-42e7-9fbd-195ae984793d”,
“versions”: [
“name”: “dealstage”,
“value”: “53bc29fe-6335-42e7-9fbd-195ae984793d”,


@jacquesfu The default pipeline will show names in english and any custom pipeline will display the UUID instead for the deal stages