Engagement apis -- crm association apis request



I see that this endpoint has been deprecated:

in favor of: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/crm-associations/get-associations

The biggest missing piece from the new api is all of the engagement data and metadata. With the old api I could make one api call and have the data ready.

The new api requires many more api calls to achieve the same functionality.

Would be greatif the data was available in the new api.

Also would be nice to be able to sort by created and modified dates.



Hi @Keith_Muenze, this same query came up a few days ago. Check out this thread: New way to get detailed list of engagements per contact. I definitely see your point as well as @mc.cuna's. We aggregate the feedback here and bring it to product, so we appreciate any feedback -- thank you! At this point, I don't see the endpoint's behavior changing, but happy to bring it to the attention of the right people.


Thanks. I searched for related topics but didn't find any. I'll read the discussion there and add my feedback.

I'm sensitive to the number of api calls as an integrator since 429s impact the entire portal. The more integrations a customer has, the more likely a customer is going to run into API throttling.

This new design requires at minimum 2 Api calls but more than likely many, many more.