Engagement Call Outcomes API



What’s happening?

Beginning immediately, developers will be able to request the possible dispositions for sales calls (stored as engagements). These dispositions are listed as the ‘Call outcome’ when viewing the call's outcome when viewing the call in the timeline in HubSpot. Allowing developers to pull these values via the public API eliminates the need to hard code the disposition <-> call outcome translation.

What’s changing?

Going forward, developers will be able to make requests to the ‘Get call engagement dispositions’ endpoint (GET /calling/v1/dispositions) to get the possible dispositions values and their corresponding call outcome. See the document below for more information on how this endpoint works.

Why is this important?

Previously, developers that created/managed CALL-type engagements needed to manually translate the disposition GUIDs into their corresponding Call outcome. This usually meant looking up the proper values and hard-coding the ones their integrations required.

When is this happening?

The ‘Get call engagement dispositions’ endpoint currently live; developers can being making requests to get call dispositions immediately. Note: developers should cache this information as much as possible to avoid unnecessary API calls.

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