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Hello. I have a question about the owner of an call engagements.

Whenever I create a call engagement using Hubspot API, I pass the Id of the user making the call as the ownerId of that call. Later, when I hit the API again to get details about that call, the ownerId is set correctly. However, in the web UI, it says that my user was the one that made the call. How can I make it show the right owner of the call?


Hi @Tinadim,

When creating an engagement, there are 2 potential users that could be seen with that engagement: the owner to whom the task is assigned and who the task was created by.

Assuming that your engagement is being properly created, it should be assigned to the owner that you denote. It will show the user who the app is authenticated to (assuming usage of oAuth). If you’re using a HAPI key for authentication, then it will just create the app, since a specific user cannot be tied to the single-portal wide key.

If your engagement is NOT being properly assigned to an owner, make sure your JSON body resembles this:

    "engagement": {
        "active": true,
        "ownerId": 9498521,
        "type": "TASK",
        "timestamp": 1493596800000
    "associations": {
        "contactIds": [64787],
        "companyIds": [ ],
        "dealIds": [ ],
        "ownerIds": [ ]
  "metadata": {
    "body": "Task 2",
    "subject": "Task 2",
    "status": "NOT_STARTED",
    "forObjectType": "CONTACT"

It’s important to note here that all IDs are integers, not strings, so don’t wrap them in quotes.

If you’re seeing anything different, please reply with your example calls (endpoint, authorization method, headers, request body, response code and response message).




A task that is created using oAuth will currently show the user who’s authenticated, but is assigned to the owner. In this case, my user is authorized, but my owner is ‘Barack Obama’:

If you are creating with a HAPI key, the task will look like this:

Engagement TASK ownerId vs createdBy

@Robert_Ainslie I think it’s easier if I show the issue with screenshots:

In my hubspot test account I have two admin users with the following IDs:

Using the first user (Bernardo Reis with Id 17265014, I then used the REST API to create an engagement with the following payload:

Which results in the following call in Hubspot:

This scenario is right. I was the one who made the call, so it indeed say “You made a call to Rhaylander”.
I then went ahead and created a second call using Rhaylander’s user (ID: 18724812), with the following payload:

And this is the call that was created in Hubspot:

Once again it says I created the call. And that is not true, I used Rhaylander’s user to create it, as you can see in the payload above. Can you please advice where am I going wrong here?


Hi @Tinadim,

I was able to reproduce what you’re seeing here. What you’re seeing is that the authorization of the user who created the engagement is being shown, not the user to whom it is assigned. I agree that this is strange, so I’m going to have the HubSpot product team take a look to see if there’s a fix we can make for that.

I can update you when I know more.



Hi @Robert_Ainslie,

Thanks for your assistance. Do you have a rough estimative on when I can expect for an update on this thread?


Hi @Tinadim,

I don’t have a timeline from HubSpot product for looking at this. However, it is only a UI issue and any reports/task/call queues that are being built based on the assignments should still be correct. The assignment is happening, it’s just that it’s showing your user as opposed to the assignee.



Hi @Robert_Ainslie,

Thank you for the update and I’m working with @Tinadim. We were wondering with this just a UI/display issue and that everything is logging accurately on the backend. Is there a way to show this in the reporting functions of Hubspot?

Thanks for the help!

  • Kane


Hi @laramak,

When building reports and looking on dashboards, you should be seeing the activities/tasks/engagements rolled up to the HubSpot Owner (which it looks like is being set properly based on your screenshots). The Contacts Timeline UI is showing who created the engagement, but not necessarily who it’s assigned to.

When building a report like this, the end result will show the Owner, not the ‘created by’:

This ends up looking like:


Thanks and this is a big help!


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