Engagement TASK ownerId vs createdBy


Hello, I have a few questions about integration/oauth and engagement owners.

I would like to confirm that the following limitations are still true.

Integrations & Oauth:

Per You do not have the correct role to grant these permissions. Please contact your administrator, is it still true that an integration must be installed by an admin user into a portal one time and then "shared" by multiple end users of our application (i.e. all users in our application must share the same access token)? I would expect that different HS users of a portal each oauth separately and receive their own access token.

Engagement TASK owners:

If given above and per Engagement Owner, is it still true that all TASKs are "createdBy" the admin user that connected the integration (the single oauth user)? Setting a TASKs "ownerId" works for assigning the task but we would like the creator of the task to be the user that actually created the task, not always the oauth user. Is this possible? I tried setting the "createdBy" field in the API request but it does not change the creator.



Hi @bb_rambl,

  1. The auth process was designed to support portal-wide integrations. While it's possible for multiple users to complete the auth flow & generate multiple tokens per portal, functionally all tokens grant identical access to the HubSpot APIs (assuming they have the same scopes). tl;dr: User-specific integrations aren't current supported.
  2. That topic is still up to date; Rob's answers still represent the way tasks appear in the timeline UI.