Engagements Api creating note, but UI does not display



I am using the engagement api to create notes, getting a 200 response, however, my notes never show up in my CRM. Also, the response strips out the ids I provided in the post.

Request and Response.
{ engagement: { type: 'NOTE', timestamp: '1531187781933' },
{ companyIds: [775270371],
contactIds: [156386],
dealIds: [319084652] },
metadata: { body: 'Test note creation via api' } }
Response {
code: 200,
'{"engagement":{"id":1077859397,"portalId":4396553,"active":true,"createdAt":1531187789504,"lastUpdated":1531187789504,"type":"NOTE","timestamp":1531187781933},"associations":{"contactIds":[],"companyIds":[],"dealIds":[],"ownerIds":[],"workflowIds":[],"ticketIds":[],"contentIds":[]},"attachments":[],"metadata":{"body":"Test note creation via api"}}' }


Hi @clevy,

A couple troubleshooting steps to make sure we're covering all our bases:

  • Are you explicitly including the Content Type header as application/json?
  • When viewing the object record this note is associated with, do the timeline activity filters at the top right of the timeline include notes?

It seems like the response doesn't include any associations, which leads me to believe that it's related to your content type header. Can you test that and let me know?