Engagements API examples not working


I’ve been trying to associate a new TASK with a contact using the engagement API, but the examples don’t seem to do anything. I tried setting a note using the exact syntax given in the example, manually double checking the VID was the contact I was looking at. The request returns successfully and gives me a new engagement ID with createdAt, lastUpdated etc etc. but nothing shows up in the contact’s timeline.

I tried associating an ownerId, I tried associating a portalId, I tried TASKs and NOTEs. I tried PUTing as per http://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/engagements/associate_engagement to attempt to associate the returned engagement object with the contact object, and countless other permutations of the above. I simply cannot get anything to show up in the contact’s timeline, what am I doing wrong?


Hi @AdamClements

Can you send me a link to the contact that the engagement should be associated with, and the id of the engagement?



and the ID of the engagement, take your pick from:




Thanks @AdamClements, I took a look at the contact, and the engagements are set up correctly.

The issue here is that the CRM is not enabled for that portal, so CRM engagements won’t show up in the timeline. You can enable the CRM by following the instructions here:


Thanks for the info, that would certainly explain it. A few points:

  • The link you gave me seems to be out of date, I select settings and I can’t see a “Products and Add-ons” menu. Am I missing something there too?
  • Nowhere in the API documentation does this mention that it’s an add-on specific functionality, that would be a useful addition to save other people time in the future!
  • Is there a way to test features like this without either paying for a second redundant account, or working direct with live customer data and potentially corrupting/damaging one of our company’s most valuable resources?



Hi Adam,

I took another look at that portal, and the reason you didn’t see the add-ons options were due to that portal being a marketplace portal, which won’t have all of the options a regular marketing portal would. I manually enabled the CRM options for you, so you should be able to see those timeline entries, though you may need to update the timeline filters, since the sales entries may default to off for you.

Once the CRM is enabled, you’ll be able to see the timeline entries in the Marketing and Sales views, but I’ll add a note to the docs to make it clear that you’ll need to have the CRM enabled to see those entries.

If you sign up for a Developer account, you can create test portals from inside that account. The test portals work like marketing trial portals, so you’ll have access to most of the marketing features, and you’ll also be able to enabled the CRM for those test portals. Test portals do expire, but you’ll have the option to extend those test portals from inside your developer account. You can sign up for a new developer account here:

Once you create a new account and sign in, you’ll see Test Portals in the navigation menu.