Engagements API: No Chat data?




Up until yesterday, my API call was working fine. However, today when I try to call the Engagements API, it seems that all CHAT engagement types (and their specific columns) are excluded from the API call...have they been moved elsewhere?

Additional info: I can confirm there has been chat activity on my platform in the past few days. Even when I extend the last modified date to be 100 days back I still get no data.



Hey, @Alexandre_Leduc.

Have you been retrieving engagements with the "type": "CHAT" from this endpoint until now?

The Engagements API documentation states that only the following engagement types are supported:

  • NOTE
  • TASK
  • CALL

To be honest, I have never seen or heard of a CHAT-type engagement being returned from this API.

If you can share responses you've received in the past which include CHAT engagements, I can look into this further. That said, that engagement type is not publicly supported so the product team reserves the right to make changes without updating the API changelog.


Hi Isaac,

Sorry, I convert the type to chat. In HubSpot's API, the engagement type was labeled "CONVERSATION_SESSION"


It looks like it's back today, maybe was just a temporary glitch? Thanks!