Engagements API not returning agent response time




The specific field I'm referring to is in the HubSpot Engagements API. it's called "results.metadata.agentResponseTimeMilliseconds" and is related to Conversation sessions engagement types. Here's the issues I'm having with this and it seems to be as of this week only for some reason (was working fine before).

  1. If I pull all engagements data, the field is there. If I pull by date last modified, it isn't (I can confirm there are conversation_sessions engagements in both). Why would this be the case?
  2. I try to re-create the field by instead using "results.metadata.agentJoinTime", but don't get the same answer. The issue is that if I have automated responses, it counts those as the agent response which isn't a true measure of how long it took my agents to respond to the client. I like the response time field because it tells me exactly how long it took an agent to respond.

Please advise.


Hi @Alexandre_Leduc,

So we're on the same page, you're looking to find the amount of time a conversation lasted via the API?

By your first point, are you first using this endpoint to get the engagement (where the field does exist), but then when using the get recent engagements endpoint, that field does not exist?

Does this sound right? If so, please reply with an example engagement in your HubSpot Account that shows this difference and I'd be happy to look.


Not quite, I'm looking to measure the amount of time it took an agent to respond to a client chat session. For example:
Client: Hi there - 10:00am
Agent: Welcome to our site - 10:01am
I'm trying to capture that 1 minute gap in response time.

As for your endpoints assessment, that is correct. However, I think I've found what my issue was. I had the count left defaulted (20), so I had CONVERSATION_SESSION entries being pulled, but the response time was NA (which would explain why the column was being excluded). When I extend the count to 100, it brings in CONVERSATION_SESSION entries from the past where the agent DID respond, and then just populates NA along with the other actual values.

Sorry about that! Should I delete this question?


Ah got it!

No we can keep it open, as perhaps other people have run into the same issue! Glad you got it figured out.