Engagements created over API do not display author/owner name



When we are importing engagements (e.g. Notes) from legacy tools we would like to import information about who is the note author. Currently, createdBy and modifiedBy fields are not writeable over API, but we are able to set ownerId. Though in UI it doesn’t have any effect and the note is displayed without any information about the author/owner: http://import2.d.pr/I9JZ/3blcELNP. Compare this to a note created over UI: http://import2.d.pr/OVL6/pDsamazd.

Is there a way to workaround this?


Hi Anton

I also have the same issue. Did you find a solution.


@david.pearce Nope, unfortunately, we didn’t. Doesn’t look like it is something we can do our side of integration.


We noticed that at least for one HubSpot portal this works as expected: engagements with type Email created over API are displayed on UI with correct information about author/owner. We were unable to reproduce this on another HubSpot portal (i.e. engagement is displayed without showing information about the author/owner and instead displaying the createdBy user).

How can this be? Is there some kind of a portal setting that controls this behavior?