Engagements created through API not showing up in contact profile




I've created a few engagements through your engagement API on a test Hub which I associated with the contact


When I look at the contact in the interface I can't seem to get them to show up in the activity feed. When checking through the API with the associated call they do show up however.


They show up on the sales dashboard with a link to the correct contact.

It's been almost 3 hours since I created them, so a caching issue seems a bit far fetched. any reason why this could be happening?


Hi Arjan,

This may be a silly suggestion, but have you checked that there's no timeline filter set on that contact?



Hi ninajay,

Good suggestion, but as far as I can see all messages should be displayed



Hi @Arjan,

Can you send me a link to the contact in question, and the engagement ID (if you have it)?


Hi Derek,

That would be

Engagement id : 759698496 with this contact https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/4338274/contact/1051/?interaction=note


Hi @Arjan,

Looks like I can reproduce this on my end. Let me dig into this with my team and get back to you. I'll update this topic when I have some more information.


Hi @Arjan,

That example contact record was deleted earlier this morning. I'm not able to restore the record, since there is now a new contact record with the same email address. Is there a reason that record was deleted? Do you have another example contact that I can continue troubleshooting with? My team and I need a contact record that showcases this behavior in order to identify the issue.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

I was testing importing to an empty db in preparation for our release.

I've repeated the "broken" API call creating the engagement but it seems to be working this time, which leads me to believe the contact was broken.

If you or I remove the new contact (https://app.hubspot.com/sales/4338274/contact/13525/?interaction=note) would it be possible to restore it?


Hi @Arjan,

Yes, if you delete the new contact I can restore the original record. Let me know here when you've deleted the contact (and don't re-create it) and I'll restore the original record.


Hi @Arjan,

Based on what I've seen so far, it seems like that contact/engagement was in some limbo state. it appears that the involved contact was in the process of being mutated/deleted at the same time. I can't test this any further since the contact has been deleted; if you see this happen again feel free to comment with a new example on this topic.