Engagements created through API not showing up in Deal timeline




I've created a few engagements through your engagement API within our portal which are then associated with the Deal record. The engagement is created using a customer app.

These engagements have previously shown but today are no longer showing and all engements previously created by the API are no longer showing.

Through monitoring I can see that API usage is reporting as successfully creating the engagement with the 'PUT' function.

Any reason why this would suddenly stop working with no changes to the application? Secondly, the application contains no update or delete so why historic engagements created by the application would no longer show?


Hey @KTier, that's curious.. Seems like a frontend issue if what you're saying is true. Can you reply with the following so I can test this out?

  1. An example Deal record where you're not seeing the engagement appear.
  2. Your App ID.

Also, are you making a call to the engagements API, with a subsequent call to the CRM Associations API, or are you using the engagements API and associating within your original PUT request?



Hi Connor,

The engagement is not appearing on any Deal record although it should appear on all created form February 2018. An example record where the engagement did appear and no longer does is deal id: 397441755. The App ID is 55122.

As well as the PUT request there is also a GET request to the Companies, Contacts & Deals.

Looking at another post on here the same appears to be happening for other customers.


Hi @Connor_Barley this issue is of high importance internally as the impact is severe. Do you have any update?


Hi @KTier, since our team is based on the east coast of the US, I'm just seeing this now. The post you linked to is regarding using the Timeline API. Is your issue regarding custom timeline events or is this to do with an engagement like a call, meeting, note, or email?

I can reproduce the custom timeline event disappearing and reappearing when checking and unchecking the CCP Deals App settings so it appears that custom timeline events are not showing for you which lines up with the post you linked:

Our developers are working on this. I will provide updates when I have them. We understand the critical nature of this and will work to fixing this as quickly as possible.


Hi @KTier, the issue should be fixed. I just checked this deal: https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/3803348/deal/397441755/?interaction=note and can see the timeline events again.


@Connor_Barley Thanks for the update and confirming this is now working. I have tested this morning also and all appears to be resolved. In order for me to close the problem down internally could you please provide information on the route cause and the steps taken at HubSpot to prevent a recurrence?



Hi @KTier, there was some code on the front end that wasn't replicated on the backend that our engineers addressed. It shouldn't happen again.