Enriching contact data via Clearbit + Zapier / / Zapier can't find the email to my contacts since it is a non-editable property, suggestions?



So I found a workaround for part of the problem. I used a workflow to copy the source email to a custom email field within Hubspot so I would have a field that's detectable by Zapier.

Right now my zapier setup looks like this:

Trigger > new contact
Delay > 1 minute (to give hubspot time to fill in the custom email field)
Formatter > Text > Transform: Default Value > Input: Source email field > Default Value: Custom email field
Clearbit > Find a person and/or Company based on my custom email field
Create/Update contact > Contact email: Custom email field

I get stuck at step 3 since the formatter can't find my custom email field, and if I do get past that it get's to clearbit and it won't find the email then. Any ideas?

Zapier support told me to contact Hubspot and Hubspot support tells me its up to Zapier to help.


Hi @zach,

I'm not totally clear on what's going on here. What email are you copying where? Can you give me some more context on what data you're sending from HubSpot to Clearbit, and what should be happening?