Enroll contact to a workflow


I’m trying to enrol a created contact to an existing workflow.
I’m using the API with the endpoint:


Where X is the workflow ID, aa@aa.com is the contact email and Y the Api key.

I’m getting the error 405 and no response or error messages.

This is a POST request, should I include the CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS with an array with the params? If yes, what should be the structure?

Thank you.



Hi @Rodrigo_Alexsandro,

Can you send me a link to the workflow in question so that I can take a look? There aren’t any body parameters that need to be included for this endpoint.


Hi Derek.

The link to the workflow is

Thank you.


Hi @Rodrigo_Alexsandro,

That workflow doesn’t appear to exist. Is it possible that the workflow in question was deleted by accident?