Error 429 Too many requests



I'm getting an error code 429 which I believe correlates to too many requests. I've checked and I'm not getting anywhere near my 40,000 limit. I'm trying to pull down 50,000 companies and then 100,000 contacts update their properties and then POST them back up. Doing this 100 contacts at a time this should only be about 1,000 GETs and 1,000 POSTs along with the around 250 GETs for the companies that's only 2,250 total calls. I've put in code to take a 15 second break every 10 requests, but still get the error. This also only happens once I get around 1,000 contacts or 10 calls in. Any ideas as to how I could get around this? Thanks



I realized that I was doing PUTs for every contact and so I was actually doing too many calls too quickly