Error about Linked Vids



(This is from support ticket #379530 where they said we should post the problem here)

Back on the 12th Sept we started getting errors from hubspot contacts API that we haven’t seen before.

{“status”:“error”,“message”:"{“status”:“error”,“message”:“found 1204 linked vids with a limit of 500”,“correlationId”:“5c76dd76-d938-4232-bfc8-deb14aa84ff2”,“requestId”:“427ee1fd-b8e9-421f-bbe8-8db7550632c5”}",“correlationId”:“5c76dd76-d938-4232-bfc8-deb14aa84ff2”,“requestId”:“239223bf-a54f-4187-8799-a87987deeae9”}

(not sure why the error is double nested, we can’t see anything doing that our side)

What does the error message “found 1204 linked vids with a limit of 500” mean?

We’re not intending to create multiple VIDs per contact. We’re adding contacts by doing a POST /contacts/v1/contact, documentation at which doesn’t seem to say anything about assigning multiple VIDs.

When we implemented against the API, this end-point used the 409 status code (conflict) to indicate the contact already exists. We handle that status code and don’t try to create the contact again.
Has the APIs behaviour changed?
What does it mean to have multiple VIDs per contact?
Why is calling this end-point trying to create more VIDs for a contact?

Live Chat fails due to an error about linked vids

Hi @Nigel_Morse

Do you have an example of the POST data you’re using with that endpoint? Normally you’d only see that error message when updating a contact or merging records.


Hi @dadams - We send a simple JSON with just an email address: eg.

{ "properties": [
                "property": "email",
                "value": ""
            } }


Looking at the logs - we got this error regularly over about 30 hours (~12th Sept 14:00 UTC to 13th Sept 20:00UTC) and then no more. I don’t think we added a workaround for this in so maybe it was a temporary issue on the Hubspot side?


Is there anyway to see if this was a change that was resolved on the hubspot side?


@Nigel_Morse there weren’t any changes that should have caused this problem around the time you were seeing this, and we didn’t have any other reports of this, so it doesn’t seem like a HubSpot side change.

Did you see this again recently?


No, not seen again. We didn’t change anything here in that call since a few months ago. Spooky.


This has started happening again. Can I get someone to talk to about this please?


@Nigel_Morse can you message me directly and send me the full body of the request you made, and the full response that you got for this?


Hi @dadams - I can’t see how I DM you on here (sorry - i did try and look but it’s getting late and I need to run out)

We follow what the docs say at

so we HTTP POST to

with a post body of:

{ “properties”: [ { “property”: “email”, “value”: "" } ]}

If I put the above into a file and send this with CURL the response we get back is:

curl -i -X POST https :// --data-binary @c:\temp\data.json
HTTP/1.1 413 Request Entity Too Large
Access-Control-Allow-Credentials: false
Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8
Vary: Accept-Encoding
Vary: Accept-Encoding
Content-Length: 331
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2016 17:14:20 GMT
Connection: close

{“status”:“error”,“message”:"{“status”:“error”,“message”:“found 501 linked vids with a limit of 500”,“correlationId”:“cec8e968-eb6f-4c50-9c9c-5dc5c20b0e53”,“requestId”:“6a56ccb8-20f8-4739-8a29-2488eee4ec37”}",“correlationId”:“cec8e968-eb6f-4c50-9c9c-5dc5c20b0e53”,“requestId”:“7a689dec-f76b-4c41-a5f3-591d6567f033”}

(p.s. I’ve added a space after the https above, coz as a new user I can’t post more than 2 links)


I need a few more details, I’ll message you for this.


I’m getting a 409 response from the hubspot api when i try to get the api endpoint at “/contacts/v1/lists/all/contacts/all2”


I have a similar problem "found 501 linked vids with a limit of 500".

HubSpot ID:3960387


Hey, @Paulo_Ricardo_Figuei.

I've responded to you in this topic.