Error accessing resources using OAuth1


Hi All,

While trying to access the workflows and emails APIs via the OAuth1 framework, I am getting the following error,
403 - This access_token does not have proper permissions! (requires any of [email-access]) - Forbidden.

Emails/campaigns docs
Workflows docs

We have migrated over to the OAuth 2 framework, but as a third-party integrator we still have customers using the OAuth 1 framework. We need to be able to support those customers as well.

I’m requesting the contacts and offline scope currently. It seems like a missing scope issue, but I can’t find the proper scope I would need to request for these features.

Any advice?



@CE-Tyler Are you requesting the transactional Email scope or the content scope for marketing email? I am guessing the offline scope is a type but to make sure you need to request the automation scope for workflows.



I was referring to the OAuth 1 framework (/docs/methods/auth/initiate-oauth)

I was trying out different scopes listed there, but they don’t seem to be working for me. Is there one for emails / workflows in the old auth?



@CE-Tyler When was this app created? OAuth1 has been deprecated but should work for older Apps .


@pmanca The app would have been created over a year ago (2014 I think). We were able to access the above resources before November. Are those resources still supported in OAuth1?


@pmanca Were you able to look into this?



@CE-Tyler They initially grandfathered existing apps in but we have been slowly pushing OAuth 2.0 and OAuth 1 is no longer supported at the moment. Is it not an option to reset up the authentication for your customers to be OAuth 2.0?