Error Calling Timeline API


Hi I'm new to Hubspot and I'm trying call a simple Timeline API from Postman (also tried in SoapUI) to get list of event types in my application. The request looks ok to me but I'm getting error in the response.

Request - GET -<>/timeline/event-types?hapikey=xxxxxxxx&UserId=<>

Response -
"status": "error",
"message": "UserId not provided in request",
"correlationId": "fac1c1f6-8c37-4d1a-8d6c-6811eb2b9870",
"requestId": "d80332ab0d500e00735426534f0f60cd"

I have the application created and was able to call Contact APIs to create/manage some contacts but having issues with this.
I tripple checked the applicationID, Developer HAPI key and UserID values. I may be missing something.
Will really appreciate help on this.


Hi @jwalants,

It looks like you've capitalized UserId in the request URL. If you use userId, the request should work. I was able to replicate that error in Postman when I used "U" in the request.