Error code 204 when putting new timeline event



Hi there. I'm getting an error code 204 when putting a new event. Message is "no body found".

Headers: Authorization: Bearer my_access_token; Content-Type: application/json
JSON body:
"id" : "1",
"eventTypeId" : "55555",
"newMessage" : "Hello, World!",
"textit_flow" : "string",
"objectId" : vid

Obviously, I've obscured some of the sensitive data, but I've triple checked that I'm using the correct access token, app id, event type id, and my id fields are all unique. I'm using the VID to update the specific contact.

My permission scopes on my app are create timeline events, basic oAuth functionality, and contacts.

I just cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong! Any help is much appreciate. Thanks. T


Hi @Tom_Copeland,

Are you sure you're getting a 204? A 204 is a successful status code that doesn't include any content. Are you not seeing the events appearing in your portal? Can you give me a link to your developer portal and the portal in which you're creating events?


Looks like it's working. I didn't have my filters on my contact properly set up to display the events. Thanks!