Error code 404 getting all pipelines


I've got a script to automate getting deals and all pipelines.
It used to work like a charm but the call to "//" now returns a code 404 error from 4 days.
Nothing has been changed in the script, and other Hubspot calls are still successful...
Does anyone encountered the same issue ?

thanks for your help


Hi @droche, we plan on sunsetting the Get deal pipelines API sometime in the future in favor of the more flexible CRM pipelines API, but that change shouldn't have happened yet. This changelog update should go over the plans here, but as per the last section "The existing Deal Pipelines API endpoints will continue to function as usual to maintain backwards compatibility."

Taking a look at the URL you sent over, it looks like there are two forward slashes after which isn't valid. Can you check to see if that's a typo here or if your code actually includes that? If not, can you send me the full request made to hubspot, and hubspot's error that you received? Thanks


The issue was in the "two forward slashes". I can't understand why it was running well previously !
Thanks for all


@droche, weird! Glad its sorted for you now :slight_smile: